Frequently Asked Questions for PROFESSIONAL TRADING COURSE

In this FAQ section I have tried to explain most of the questions I receive about my course. If after that you still have any question, please contact me and I will answer any possible doubt you may have.

  About My Trading Style

Ever heard the statement “ the trend is your friend ”? Of course you have, probably a hundred of times. And do you know why? Because it's indeed true.

Trading is like swimming in a river - you have three options:

. Swimming from one bank of the river to the opposite one, back and forth (trading within range-bound market conditions)
. Swimming upstream like a fish (counter-trend trading)
. Swimming downstream, being carried away by the flow (trend trading)

And now ask yourself: which one seems easier? Which one requires less effort? Which one has more chances of taking you further, swimming greater distances in one given time span?


I am a trend trader, and so are most of the professional traders I know of, and there is a good reason for that. Trading in the direction of the overall trend does not mean that every trade will be a winner, just as swimming in the direction of the flow doesn't mean that there's no chance of you drowning, but the odds are leaning on your side: you just need to search for the right time to hop in the river (enter the trade) and from that point on let the flow (the trend) do the job for you.

Now, the problem is threefold: A) how to determine the direction of the flow, B) when is the right time to jump in the water and C) how to realize when you've swum enough for the day and it's time to crawl out of the water. Those are precisely the three questions I will try to explain in this course, laying out in detail the methodology I personally trade.

But Amit, what's your system based on exactly? Moving Average crossovers? Some combination of indicators such as RSI and MACD? no, not really. I use One moving average in order to determine the overall market sentiment (the trend) and from that point on it's all about trading solid breakouts in the direction of the trend.

  Who Is This Course Aimed For?

    . This Course is for those who read books in order to become a trader or better traders.
    . It’s for those beginners who are searching for the “successful system”.
    . It’s for those who want to hear what a practicing successful trader has to offer.
    . It’s for those of you asking: “I want you to tell me in a language I can understand how I can make money with trading”.
    . It’s for those who wants to turn their losses into Series of Profits.
    . It’s for those who wants to hold trade for short time or medium or very, very long period.
    . It’s for those who are looking at Trading as a guaranteed second source of income.
    . It’s for those who are searching for the “successful system” that will work across any Market (whether in Stock market or Commodity market or Forex market)

  Does This Trading System Work?

Yes it does indeed, but instead of me trying to convince you whether it does or not and why, I recommend you to simply browse through my Vidoes at YouTube Channel where you can see the trades I take every Now n Then recorded and uploaded.

But like I say, please do visit the YouTube Channel, check my System, and if you like what you see come back here to the course :)

  How Is The Course Structured?

I have tried to make this course as Nonsense-free as possible.

I am aware that many of you guys have tried number of systems that look good on paper but score poor results when it comes to trade them live. The last thing I wanted was to publish yet another e-book with hundreds of pages of trading-related verbal diarrhea. I have tried to be simple while explaining my system. In every module you will learn something new with images. I request you to read again and again until you understand them properly.

Module I

    o Introduction
    o Anatomy of the 5 Best Chart Patterns that you can rely on.

Module II

    o Introduction
    o RECOGNISE Patterns in 5 minutes or Less
    o Learn to Draw Trendlines in 5 minutes or Less
    o Detailed Analysis of the 5 Chart Patterns
    o How to find the Highest Probability Zones for Patterns to Trade with.

Module III

    o Introduction
    o Searching for trading setups
    o The ENTRY
    o The Target
    o The STOP LOSS
    o Risk : Reward
    o Trade Exit Policy
    o Trading Plan Development
    o Post Trade Management
    o Deciding Factors for the Success of the Setup
    o Bringing it together to win
    o Explained with Many Examples along with diagrams

  Which Time Frame Is It For?

This is a trend-exploiting system, and trends develop on any time frame so this system is effectively valid for any time frame from the weekly chart down to the rabid intraday action. However, my favorite charts to base this system on are the 30 Minutes and the 1 Hour charts. But that's just a personal preference of mine because like I say trends do occur on every time frame.

Use These Simple Tricks to Know Exactly What Market is telling us and Take advantage of it for Short Term, to reaaaallly long-Term Opportunities.

  I have a Full-Time Job - Can I Still Trade?

I understand that you might not be a full-time trader, or at least just yet.

The good news is that even if you have other working commitments and therefore you cannot pay full attention to your charts all day long, you can still trade. For example, you can always base your trades off longer time frames such as the Daily or the Weekly charts. You will indeed spend less time monitoring your positions and will get fewer trading signals, but those signals you do get will carry much larger profit targets.

You could focus on the few Stocks that you will Scan on Weekends with maximum 60+ minutes (or lesser) time required by the strategy which I teach over Module II and Module III. It's a technique that seeks to exploit 'Highest Probablity Stocks' and then during the weekdays you just go through the few Stocks that are in Trend (Scanned on Weekends). That means that if a trade hasn't triggered during you can move on to your regular daily activities.

  Is There Any Extra Bonus Tossed In?

Yes there is - Along with this Course, you will get my FULL BASIC COURSE for FREE, which covers all the things that you will need to know as a New Trader.

  Is it Worth The Price?

Once again, I will keep the bullshit to minimum levels, so here goes the truth: if you think that my trading videos have offered you some insight, you find my trading system sensible and you reckon that my approach to trading makes sense, then yes the course is worth the price. I explain all the twists of my system and everything around it in a VERY detailed fashion, showing different examples for each case and lesson so the concepts sink in. More over, I go through important details that I cannot explain in the YouTube Videos due to their time-limitations.

On the other hand, if my videos seem insubstantial to you or perhaps you can already apply my trading principles profitably in a consistent manner, then I advice you to not buy the course as you will probably not learn much from it.

  Will I Receive Any Kind Of Support?

Of course you will. I am here to assist you in your trading, so if you have any question both before or after purchasing the course, or there's a particular lesson you didn't quite understand, or you want to send me your set-ups and trade plans for my feedback, or whatever any other question you may have, don't hesitate to contact me with all your questions. I repeat, I will gladly assist you in your trading.

Just one remark though: I trade for a Living, so if you send me an email at that precise time I might not be able to get back to you immediately until market closes, alright? Trading is my full time job at the end of the day.

  How will I Receive My Course? In What Format?

Course is in .pdf Format (EBook) with lots of Images to make te concepts Clear and You will get it on your Email.

The main advantage of an online course is that it can be very convenient , allowing us to work at our own pace and at a time that suits us.

Online trading course also tend to be significantly cheaper than any other formats.

One-to-One Email Support!

Are you fed-up of system vendors who would never answer back any of your emails? I am always ready to answer all your questions!

On a daily basis I receive a number of emails from my students sharing their trading setups, chart annotations and questions and I gladly give them my feedback and how I would have personally played this or that trading opportunity.

You can rest assured that I will go out of my way so you fully absorb and apply my system into your own trading methodologies in order for you to make the best out of it.

So remember, if you ever need any assistance with your trading I am just one email away!

Ordering is quick, easy and safe via Online Fund Transfer (NEFT).